EP. 4 | What Are The Qualities Of My Shadow-Self?

In this episode, we self-reflect, introspect, and investigate to reveal the qualities of our “shadow-self”. Everyone has a shadow; those qualities, habits, or personality traits that, when triggered, uncover our darkest sides. However, these dark sides do not always have to be a part of nature. As we go within the shadows and choose to face our own darkness, we bring with us the light of awareness. Awareness is a light that allows us to heal and remove even our darkest, most tormenting wounds and qualities. Introspection leads to self-awareness. Self-awareness leads to self-illumination. Join me as we investigate and identify our shadows in hopes of bringing light to those areas. This is the part in our spiritual journey that we can often avoid or feel to be useless but is most vital to our upward evolution — shadow work is light work.

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